This is No Ordinary School of Karate!

Karate is a microcosm of life’s challenges and as one masters one’s self through its study, so does one master one’s life! This rebuilding job includes changing self-made habits of failure to those of success!

Some tips from us to you:

  1. Change the habit of selling yourself short because of lack of confidence.
  2. Free yourself of the fear of ill health and physical pain.
  3. Remove the habit of self-imposed limitation.
  4. Break the bounds of neglect on the pursuit of your goals and desires.
  5. Cure the habit of expecting to reap before you sow.
  6. Halt the false belief that honesty and sincerity of purpose alone will lead you to success.
  7. Correct the habit of neglect to schedule time on a practical budget.
  8. Stop yourself from not devoting a major portion of time to a definite major purpose in life.
  9. Change your habit of impatience.
  10. Always continue to take a personal inventory of growth and be honest with yourself as you would like others to be honest with you.
  11. Never think that it is better to receive than give.
  12. Life has its ups and downs, better and worse; without the bad, how could one know the good?

The determining factor in your life is YOU! Here, our primary concern is YOU!

Your personal growth!

Your personal confidence!

Your direct development!

Once a person has assembled his or her facts and figures, there are three steps a person can choose to take at a crossroad in life:

  1. He or she can know the facts but then wait for opportunity to find him or her. The feeling of false security is really a step backward in disguise.
  2. Running away from a shot at your desire by finding a handy excuse is taking two steps backward.
  3. A step towards his or her goal or opportunity with the conviction that he will overcome problems and doubts with his or her own strength and creative ability through perseverance. This is a step forward, therefore, a plus!


At Moo Duk Kwan Martial Arts we produce champions – not just of martial arts, but of the most challenging game of all: LIFE!

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