Inclement Weather Procedure

Please note the following procedures in the event of inclement weather. These procedures mainly apply to ice and snow but have in the past couple of years applied to hurricane-season alerts as well.

In the event of severe inclement weather Master Blair will make a determination as to whether or not the school will be open as early as possible. You should check the following places for updates:

  • Call the school phone, 856-939-1130 – and LISTEN TO THE VOICEMAIL MESSAGE. We will update the outgoing message with information about our schedule.
  • Check our Calendar to see if we’ve marked the school as closed.
  • Check the Facebook and Twitter pages (last resort).
  • Use your KickSite account to sign up for Text Notifications. See Miss Debbie if you aren’t sure how to access your account.

We will strive to update our systems as early as possible and hope to do so no later than 2:30-3:00pm if during the week and as early as humanly possible on the weekend. If the storm is still active, please check with the school before leaving your house to come to class. If you are not sure, please err on the side of caution and stay home.

We’ll do our best to update the website, phone system, and even social media sites as early as possible; but please note that a bad storm or power outage may prevent us from doing so.

Please remember, not everyone uses main roads to get from home to class and flooded, icy, or snowy driving conditions can be incredibly dangerous. Master Blair will make the decision to open or close the school based on his sole discretion and what he feels is best for the greater good, not just those most local to the school.

We will observe any local and state government procedures, including State of Emergency notices, in making our determinations as well.

Thank you for your cooperation and have a safe winter season!!