Testing Procedures

Moo Duk Kwan Martial Arts follows specific procedures when preparing children and adults for testing. We do not put stripes on your belts (ever) and do not have tests at a set frequency. Your tests could be in three months, six months, or longer depending on your level of training.

First and foremost, if you did not hear about a test or a test date from Master Blair or Miss Debbie, in an official announcement, you can assume the information you were given was rumor. Please help us to avoid unnecessary testing anxiety by not spreading rumors about upcoming tests.

We strive to give our students and parents at least two weeks notice once testing dates have been set. Having a test date set does not automatically mean you or your child will be participating in the test. Once the test date is set, Master Blair will begin to distribute test papers. Only students who receive a test paper will be eligible to participate on test day. Master Blair may give out papers anywhere from the date of announcement up until the night before the test, as students are preparing.

While we strive to have group tests when the majority of students are ready, different testing times, ages, and levels of training will also dictate who is ready and who is not. There is nothing wrong with not testing on every date. We’d rather be sure you really know your material than push you though to a place you’re not ready to be.

When you do receive a test paper:

  • Make sure you return your completed testing paper to the office with your payment for the test before the date of the test.
  • Your monthly membership fees must be up to date before you will be allowed to test.
  • Make sure your full, formal uniform is clean and fits properly before the day of the test. You must wear your full uniform and belt on testing day. You will not be allowed to wear your regular training t-shirt to your test. Men should not wear anything under their formal gi top; women should wear a light, air-wicking tank top or shirt to stay cool. 
  • Make sure your Tae Kwon Do Moo Duk Kwan patch is on your uniform. This is the only patch required on your official uniform and you should NOT have any other patches. The patch belongs on the left chest.
  • White belts testing for yellow belt are not required to have a patch for their first test.
  • Students who have been cleared for sparring, no matter what rank, must bring their sparring gear with them on test day.

See Miss Debbie or Master Blair with any questions about testing.